CPR Instructor Nationwide

Head Instructor and Director

Felicia Gonsalez (She/Her/Hers)

Hometown: Lomita, CA

Living in: Simi Valley, CA

Other Work: Mom, Uber for my teenage daughters and volunteer @ Local EMT schools to support newly trained EMT’s

Quick facts: Mother of 3 (Gino, Madison & Taylor)

Pets: 1 Cane Corso (Colt), 1 Weimaraner (Benelli), 1 Chihuahua (Vanilla Bean) & 1 Shitzu (Chocolate)

For fun I like to: Go camping with my family, try new food spots, garden and play board games with family and friends

Why I teach CPR: I am passionate about empowering others to be confident and prepared when faced with an emergency.

I am passionate about training others and thrive in a team environment. One of the best parts of teaching others is hearing how our classes have empowered others to respond confidently and effectively to help during an emergency. This is a life skill that you will always have ready to use!

CPR Instructors Near Me

CPR/First Aid Instructor, Los Angeles and Orange County Area

Jin Chang (He/Him/His)

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA

Currently Living in: Hacienda Heights, CA

Other Work: Nurse at Emergency Department

Pets: 1 small Maltese-poodle

For fun I like to: Rock climb!

Why I teach CPR: I want to help others feel prepared in an emergency situation

A cut: big or small, I'm ready for it all! Emergency medicine has always been my cup of tea; come and learn something new from me!

CJ Headshot

Managing Partner

Chris Joffe (He/Him/His)

Hometown: Saint Louis, MO

Living in: Santa Monica, CA

Other Work: CEO @ Joffe Emergency Services (A Safety Company)

Pets: 1 Dog, Dude 

For fun I like to: Hang with Dude & Run Marathons

Why I teach CPR: I believe everyone has the power to save a life through training. 

Chris is passionate about training in life-saving skills and eliminating denial at the onset of an emergency. He's seen firsthand, the value of a community of bystanders working together and confronted firsthand the impact of bystanders' unwillingness to take action. Turns out CPR saves lives and training is a small way that we can make a difference. For the patient, though, it might be the biggest difference in their life. 

Sandra McClure Headshot

CPR/First Aid Instructor, Orange County Area

Sandra McClure (She/Her/Hers)

Hometown: Westminster, CA

Currently Living in: Westminster, CA

Other Work: Volunteer for West County CERT, Volunteer for Westminster Police Department, Retired from 30 plus years Retail owner/operator for Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream.

Quick Facts:
Pets: 2 Dogs. 1 German Shepherd, 1 Labrador Retriever. Both rescues. I have been married to my 1 st husband for over 40 years.
Sarcasm is my 2nd language.

For fun I like to: Decorate cakes, Go to concerts, Go to dinner with friends and
learn new things.

Why I teach CPR: I believe CPR is a skill everyone should learn to potentially save a life.

I began my journey in the field of CPR training after completing EMT training in 2013. I did this to train CERT members in CPR. I have learned a lot from retired physicians who are also on our CERT team. I am on the CERT medical team and teach disaster preparedness. I have trained Police Officers and other city employees where I live. I enjoy when I have students share their experiences and engage in learning. My goal is to make sure everyone feels confident of their skills by the time they leave my class.


CPR/First Aid Instructor, Los Angeles Area

Alexis Alvarado (She/Her/Hers)

Hometown: Monrovia, CA

Currently Living in: Los Angeles, CA

Other Activities: Incoming UCLA graduate with a B.S. in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology.

Quick facts: Pets: 1 Labrador/Weimaraner Mix ~ Lacey

For fun I like to: Cultivate house plants

Why I teach CPR: As a soon-to-be former university student, I love empowering others with knowledge! It cannot be understated just how powerful knowledge is - it can even equip you with the ability to save someone's life.

As a research-minded individual, Alexis finds her passion in training schools and organizations in CPR, AED, & First Aid because it is a powerful way to connect with like-minded people to share in her knowledge on the subject! We all have the same goal, and that's to have the power to turn the knowledge we learn in training into action in case of an emergency. In addition to having been an assistant trainer for two years at Get CPR Done, Alexis enjoys being a plant-mom to several houseplants and is currently finishing up her final year at UCLA. She plans to utilize her degree to pursue clinical research in gynecologic oncology where she will be able to support women with ovarian cancer undergoing clinical trials. Alexis is excited to help you get comfortable with the awesome responsibility of both learning how to save a life and applying that knowledge into hands-on practice, so book now if you'd like Alexis to help empower you with a lifelong skill!

Branson Osakoda (Northern, CA)

CPR/First Aid Instructor, Northern CA

Branson Osakoda (He/Him/His)

Hometown: Lihue, HI 

Currently Living in: Portland, OR 

Other Work: Community Health Medic @ Portland Fire & Rescue 

Quick facts: Pets: 1 Shih Tzu , Hoku 

For fun I like to: Scuba Dive 

Why I teach CPR: I know the importance of being able to do CPR in an emergency situation 

Branson is a fun and enthusiastic teacher. Branson has been working as an EMT for over 9 years and is currently an EMT with Portland Fire and Rescue. Branson also volunteers as a Firefighter/EMT with the Cornelius Fire Department. Branson loves to spend time with his wife, daughter, and dog doing lots of fun activities like hiking and swimming. He also likes doing all kinds of water sports like surfing, scuba diving, and stand-up paddleboarding. Book a class and Branson just might be one of your instructors! 


Juan Palacios

CPR/First Aid Instructor, Los Angeles Area

Juan Palacios (He/Him/His)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA 

Currently Living in: Los Angeles, CA

Quick facts: I’ve been an EMT for about 4 years and I first started my EMT journey at BMO stadium in LA. Since then I’ve grown to work as an EMT/ event safety specialist for Joffe Emergency Services

Why I teach CPR: I think it’s important to have people know the fundamentals of First Aid and CPR. When a crisis happens you have these skills to lean on and in return you can help save a life

I look forward to working with all of you and let’s Get CPR Done together!

Morgan Jesse

CPR/First Aid Instructor, Los Angeles Area

Morgan Jesse (She/Her/Hers)

Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA

Currently Living in: North Hollywood, CA

Other Work: Administrative Assistant, Wilshire Boulevard Schools

Quick facts: For fun I like to: Hike, camp, and watch movies

Why I teach CPR: I love giving people the confidence and knowledge to be prepared for

Morgan's experience working with administrative school staff has shown that there is no greater power in an emergency situation than knowledge. She was a former Girl Scout for 12 years and lives by the motto, Be Prepared. In her free time, Morgan enjoys hiking, watching movies, and greeting all the neighborhood dogs. Book a class and Morgan could possibly be one of your instructors!

Stephanie Solomon

CPR/First Aid Instructor, Orange County Area

Stephanie Solomon (She/Her/Hers)

Hometown: Portland, OR

Currently Living in: Huntington Beach, CA

Other Work: Published Children's Book Author & Customer Relations with New Patient Group & WrightChat

Quick facts: Pets: 1 Russian Tortoise, Penelope Joy 

For fun I like to: Golf and Travel 

Why I teach CPR: It's the greatest gift to give someone-more time, more birthdays and being educated on how to properly save a life. It's a privilege to be able to empower others to save lives. 

Stephanie's journey is a captivating narrative of diverse talents and a deep passion for saving lives. Beyond her role as a dedicated instructor in CPR and First Aid, she is a multifaceted individual with a heart full of compassion.

Priyanka Dave Headshot

CPR/First Aid Instructor, Los Angeles Area

Priyanka Dave (She/Her/Hers)

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

Currently Living in: Pomona, CA

Other Work: Medical Student at WesternU COMP

Quick facts: Pets: 1 dog, cocker spaniel J

For fun I like to: Read and attend Muay Thai martial arts classes

Why I teach CPR: I think it is so important for everyone to know CPR as truly it is an extremely versatile tool that would help so many people in so many instances.

As an EMT for four years, Priyanka naturally became interested in pursuing emergency medicine and is doing so in Pomona, California. CPR is a priceless tool for doubling or tripling a person’s odds of survival outside of the hospital and she is so excited to be helping teach others with the skillset to handle an emergency. You’ll probably catch Priyanka listening to a true crime podcast while walking along the beach or fighting the urge to pet every dog she sees. She’s looking forward to seeing you all in class!