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Our clients enjoy our professionalism and engaging classes. We strive to teach and empower important life-saving skills. Our hands-on approach enables our clients to practice on manikins while understanding the importance of the protocols set forth by the American Heart Association.

Our instructors have diverse backgrounds ranging from emergency medical professionals to classroom teachers. 

Felicia leads Get CPR Done with over 15 years of career experience in EMS, Fire Service and Security starting with a Field Level Fire Academy, Fire Life Safety, suppression, operations and Security. Felicia is passionate about training and professional development. She has the real life field experience which translates into a unique dynamic that she loves to share in the classroom. Her biggest challenge yet is to find a way to tire out her kids by bedtime…

Felicia Gonsalez-Rufus Headshot
Felicia Gonsalez-Rufus

Director of Client Outcomes 

Our Partners and Associations

Get CPR Done began with an idea from the leadership at Joffe Emergency Services. We remain close affiliates with this leading school, business, and event safety company and are proud to call them a partner. We are also aligned with both EMS Safety Services and the American Heart Association to ensure our courses are relevant, up-to-date, and meet your needs personally and professionally.