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Supporting CPR Patients After The Event

While we may conceive of the process of CPR as ending once a patient is successfully revived, it simply is not true. Life post-CPR requires in-depth medical and emotional care that must be provided by medical staff and even loved ones. Although things would be easier if this was our favorite TV drama, cardiac arrest victims do not immediately pop back to life after CPR. READ MORE to learn about how you can be an asset on the road to recovery.

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Think back to what you were like ten, fifteen years ago. A different hairstyle, perhaps an unfortunate pair of striped pants? We all change, for better or for worse. Just as you undergo changes in your lifetime, so too have CPR practices evolved over the years. This article will prevent you from ever practicing an outdated form of CPR (embarrassing) and keep you informed as to the context and reasoning behind CPR's progression. READ MORE!


First and foremost, congratulations! You’re a new parent. If you’re not excelling at everything for the entirety of your child’s life, do better! (Just kidding) Our first aid guide for new parents will ease at least some of the worries racing through your mind and give you the confidence you need to tackle any mishaps. Here's how to keep your bundle of joy safe and healthy. READ MORE!


Whatever reason you have for needing the training, you'll want to keep a few things in mind when choosing a CPR provider. Read on to find out how to make sure the training isn't a waste of time and money, and that your chosen CPR firm is effective in helping you achieve your goal - creating a safer environment. READ MORE!

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The history of CPR is a long one: its first explorations date back hundreds of years before you, your parents, your parents’ parents (and then some) were born. Hey, aren't you supposed to learn something new every day? Here's your chance! READ MORE!

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Cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in humans. I know, I’m starting this article out with a statistical bummer, but it has a purpose. After reading this, you should be able to identify and treat cardiac arrest when it happens. If nothing else, keep this information in the back of your head. It may end up being lifesaving. READ MORE!


One more lap around the track, high schoolers.

This one is for an extra requirement: CPR training. Several states are beginning to realize the importance of students receiving CPR training before they graduate. The number of states that requires it has steadily increased over the last few decades. Soon, even more, states implement CPR training into their high school curriculum. In 2015, there were a little over 20 states that required students to have CPR training. In 2016, that number jumped to 32. Now, in 2017, that number has risen to over 40. In the next few years, that number will increase to about 43 states. Then, of course, we expect this to reach all 50 states.Get comfortable and READ MORE!


Should you do CPR on Your Dog?

Long answer short, it depends.

So, imagine the worst has happened. Your dog has gotten themselves into some sort of mischief, and they aren’t breathing, or they don’t have a pulse. You think your fuzzy lil buddy might be taken away from you, and you start to panic. Then, you may calm yourself down enough to think to give your dog CPR. You’re pretty sure dog CPR is a thing, you think you saw a video about it on facebook last week, or something. Besides, CPR saves human lives, so it should save your dog’s life too, right? READ MORE!

How to save someone who IS Choking

Oh no, someone’s choking! They have something stuck in their throat and they can’t get it out by themselves. Maybe they overate? Maybe they swallowed something they shouldn’t have? It doesn’t matter right now, if nothing is done, they could die!

Ok, ok, calm down. This is a person who needs your help, this is your chance to be a hero, even. You could save a life! READ MORE!


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10 Reasons to Provide CPR Training for Your Staff

No one asked you to be the hero- you didn’t even ask to be the hero. But, you were. Thanks to our CPR training.

Heart disease, as we know, is one of the leading causes of death. According to the  American Heart Association,in one year alone, nearly half a million Americans die due to cardiac arrest. At an international level, it claims more lives than any other cancer, disease, or type of accident combined. Of that insanely high number of Americans that die from cardiac arrest, 10,000 die in the workplace. Another 350,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of hospitals. These numbers are no joke. Seriously. READ MORE!